Where does environment begin?
Where is the starting point of environment?

The world we live in (today) is said to be the legacy of Age of Enlightenment, and its reductio ad hominem still looms over all human actions. To build a better world anthropocentrism needs be dispensed with. The word environment itself should be deconceptualized not only as to understand its real meaning, but also to generate a major transformation of society if we want to keep this world for future generations. The notion of environment refers to the natural environment, psycho- social environment, linguistic environment, working environment and many other environments. The common denominator of all these different types of environment is the fact that the environment begins where something else ends. Whether it be an animal, a plant, a person of different gender, a form of artificial intelligence, or perhaps another world, environment always represents something different - other(s).

This topic has been chosen for the forthcoming Philosophy Olympiad in Bar for two reasons:

  • Firstly, Bar is an ancient city, over 1000 years old, whose origins are underexplored up to this date. The citizens of Bar sometimes jokingly say it should remain so. Throughout centuries Bar has been a cultural hub merging of different civilizations, religions and traditions. It’s not much different today as Bar is a diverse city where people of different religious, political and philosophical beliefs peacefully live together.
  • The second reason – which probably illuminates the first – is the old olive tree. Bar is the home of an over 2200-year-old olive tree, which makes it/her one of the oldest in the world. Regardless of different rulers and conquerors, every one of them kept this sacred/awesome creature safe. Or perhaps, it/she kept them safe?
Welcome to the (an)other world!